AI has distinct types of roles to play within different areas of the healthcare system. These different areas include diagnostic assistance, healthcare administration and doctor-patient interactions.  

Diagnostic assistance with AI covers wearables, precision medicine and analysis of medical images and measurements using AI enabled systems, along with digitalized patient data and history in the form of Electronic Health Records. The objective of such systems is to provide useful pointers to doctors and other healthcare staff to alert them and help them to make more informed decisions on the patients’ conditions. With the support of AI, Electronic Health Records make medical data of patients to be available to AI based systems for better managing healthcare systems in addition to individual patients. Apart from that, Natural Language Processing based systems are featuring in systems to take care of report generation from doctor-patient interactions so that all the information contained in such a conversation can be used to provide diagnostic assistance. 

Asymptron is working on several areas within AI enabled healthcare and collaborates with medical practitioners and research institutions as well as technology companies interested in AI for Healthcare. 

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