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We believe artificial intelligence and automation have a strong role to play in improving the quality of life, when used with a keen sense of business purpose and benefit to humankind.

AI based automation must be designed such that tedious, mundane, and repetitive tasks are automated so that higher cognition, more complex and fun tasks are left for humans. At least, it is something we should strive for.

Undoubtedly, AI is on its way to expanding economic value in a broad range of domains including and beyond healthcare, manufacturing, maritime, agriculure and automotive technology, that will enable cost effective, accurate and convenient solutions. 

At Asymptron, we specialize in building AI based technology as part of sound economic value chains.

We are experienced and interested in AI-based automation in manufacturing, healthcare, automotive technology, and marine systems.

We are happy to work with startups, industry leading companies and technology organizations to grow together with AI enabled systems.

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Thanuja Ambegoda, Ph.D.


Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich, MSc ETH Zurich, BSc (Hons) University of Moratuwa

Thanuja has over a decade of experience working in computer vision, robotics and IoT as an engineer, academic and an entrepreneur.  Prior to Asymptron, he co-founded a Berlin-based startup in autonomous robots for industrial sweeping.  

He strongly believes that AI is a tool or a component that should be used as a part of an engineering system that has to be carefully designed only after deeply understanding the overall processes, and not all such systems need sophisticated AI to make them effective and efficient.

Nishantha Ruwan


Nishantha is the founder and CEO of TheNextBigTech; a Los Angeles based company with a focus on AI based vision systems.

He is the co-founder and COO of Erol Ruwan; creating the world’s second AI based fully autonomous maritime platform in the world. Erol Ruwan has launched an ocean cleaning fully autonomous boat. The second generation of medium to large fully automated ships are conducting sea trials with customers. Visit

Nishantha the co-founder and COO of CleanTech Auto. CleanTech Auto manufacturers three wheel EV and has begun road trials for a fully automated four wheel light delivery and passenger vehicle. Visit

Nishantha is the co-founder and COO of Virtual Touch Solutions in Seoul Korea. We are the biggest supplier to the automotive sector in South Korea and a leading supplier of gesture control systems to smart home, and smart industrial control systems. Visit

Nishantha is the founder and COO of Ruwan Studios; an animation and gaming company based in Hollywood, California. Ruwan Studios has begun operations as the largest animation studio in Sri Lanka through its subsidiary VoxLoom. Visit

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